Monday, November 26, 2007

He Shot - He Scored!

Bad, bad Scrapbooker. Bad, bad Hockey Mom. Last week, ds spent his first two minutes in the penalty box, and there I was, camera-less. Last night, he scored his FIRST GOAL of the season (and first in a long time - he was score-less last season) and again, no camera. What's up with that?? I cheered, I clapped, I possibly hooted. I am pretty sure I worked up a tear or two. But I didn't capture it on film!

We were leading 3-2 after trailing 0-2 and ds scored the 4th goal. We went on to win 6-4. Needless to say he feels pretty good about himself (and I'm a pretty proud Hockey Mom).

Note to self: Bring camera to hockey from now on!

Happy Monday everyone!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Under Construction!

No, not this site. My actual house. The stair guys are finally here installing our hardwood stairs (anyone with any experience getting tradespeople will understand why I say "finally" - wow, that's where the money is, trades. More demand than supply - they write their own ticket!). Can't wait to see the final product, but in the meantime, there is dust all over my house (more dust than usual, lol), drop sheets and plastic sheeting all over everything, limited use of the stairs, and lotsa noise. Thought I would do some scrapbooking today, but as my scraproom is up the stairs that is unlikely to happen. Most of my local scrapping buddies are at a local crop and most of my online scrapping buddies are at an online crop ... it's going to be a lonely day on the computer! So dd and I are outta here - if I can't crop, I can at least shop!

Funny thing about home renovations, is once you start, you can't stop. One thing leads to another. Originally, all we were doing was changing the kitchen counter and converting the stairs to hardwood. But now we have to paint, get a tile backsplash, get new appliances, get new window coverings, get hardwood upstairs too, get pot-lights in the kitchen ... and the list goes on!!! Looks like every house dh sells for the next few months will go towards one more upgrade to our house. Guess after almost 18 years here, it was time. But still. Had I known these renovations would keep me from my scraproom, I would have thought twice about it all!!!!

Happy weekend everyone.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another hockey page

I don't even want to think about Saturday night's Sens-Leaf game so you'll be glad to know I won't be writing about it here. I'm happy being in denial, thank you very much.

I've had a few minutes here and there to play in my scraproom this weekend. I had planned on a full afternoon today, but you know what they say about the best-laid plans ... went shopping for a computer desk with dh instead. I did manage to create this page though:

Coach Dean

Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Not sure (from my scraps) but I think it's Basic Grey
Stickers: de*fined clear (sports) by MM
Rub-on: MM
Alpha: Rusty Pickle
Journaling Block: Luxe
Brads: unknown
Other: Craf-T chalk, Colox Box ink

This is ds' hockey coach from 2 years ago. A really nice guy. He was also our assistant coach the year before that. This year he's got three kids in hockey including one in competitive. He's coaching one team and assisting with another. I think he and his wife live at the rink now - I seem to always see one or the other there. "Commitment" describes this coach very well.

I am pretty excited about some of the scrap projects I have floating around in my head, especially a couple of gift albums I'm planning. Problem is I won't be able to talk about them much here until after Christmas (wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!!). Today I finalized some picture sorting and picked a line of pp for one of the albums. Actually managed to start pulling out elements for a page before I had to leave the house for ds' hockey game. Which they lost, unfortunately, but not without putting up a very good fight. It was an exciting game with lots of chances and lots of beautiful plays. And, oh yeah, one kid got a penalty.

My kid.

Lol! His first penalty in 5+ years of hockey, and I didn't have my camera with me. Apparently it was for "cross checking", which he swears he didn't do, but from up in the stands it looked liked roughing, so either way, I think he was due his 2 minutes in the box.

Oops. I think I'm talking hockey again - sorry! Better sign off before I start commenting on that Sens-Leafs game.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Give me some chipboard! Give me some paint! Give me some ribbon! Give me an N! What does it spell?

Uh - it spells "N" of course!!! See below - my latest creation - an altered letter N. Why N? Well, it happens to be my initial. Why N now? Well, (a), I got a really great deal on Making Memories big chipboard letters at the EM closing sale, and lo and behold, they actually had the ever-popular N (you know, one of those popular consonants, frequently being uncovered by the likes of Vanna White). And (b), one of the blogs I occasionally stalk is the blog of Ali Edwards. Ali had a couple of "A"s in her scraproom, and all of a sudden people started sending her A's of every shape, size and colour ... altered A's ... metal A's ... wooden A's ... etc. A's are kind of her trademark now. And I thought that was kind of cool. And I decided I wanted an "N" for my scraproom. So there! And finally, (c), I felt like playing with my scrap stuff but had misplaced my inspiration for page design.

Anyway, this was a very quick and simple altered project. I basically used acrilyc paint to paint the letter, a black ink pad to ink the edges, some ribbon from my stash (including some pretty nice black and white ribbon that I bought in the scrapbook section of my local Dollarama, of all places), an MM word rub-on, a couple of blossoms, some Bohemian gems, and an MM bling brad. Had fun doing it. Now it's up on my bulletin board. Between Ali and I, we've got a whole word ... a preposition, actually ... "AN". Lol.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Back to scrapping ...

... but, in order to wean myself of the hockey-blogging sickness slowly, I'm scrapping about hockey. Lol. I noticed that my faithful readers weren't too impressed with my hockey blogging! And we even have a Leafs fan in the mix!!

Here is my latest creation, hot off my scrap desk. It only took about 20 minutes to put together. A brief scrapping interlude before getting my butt in gear for the day (being a public servant I've got today off as a stat holiday). I have high hopes for accomplishing many things today, including some housework, laundry, shopping for lace to replace the mini-blinds in my kitchen and family room, shopping for a new clock for my kitchen, etc. etc. We'll see how much of that actually gets done. The call of the scraproom might win out.

Full Intensity

-Arrows die cut and patterned paper - Scenic Route
-"Full Intensity" sticker - Sportz (danelle johnson) by Creative Imaginations
-Green patterned paper - Polo Shirt (Firefly) by Luxe
-Die cut journaling block - Luxe
-Cardstock - Bazzill
-Flowers - Prima
-Puck and All Star buttons - not sure; got these from Marlene as a RAK ages ago (thanks Marlene!!!)

The scan is a bit crooked - there is actually a black border all around. Oh, and I would like to point out that I used FLOWERS on a hockey layout (there's hope for me yet, girls!!)

Happy Monday y'all!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Yes, this IS a blog about scrapbooking ...

... and no, this isn't a blog about hockey. That being said though, I haven't been doing much scrapbooking and don't have much to report on that front. Tonight, I've been sitting in the kitchen working on the computer (that dang day job seeping its way into my evening) and listening to (and sometimes watching) the Senators-Maple Leafs hockey game on tv in the other room.

So I thought I should come and post my sincere condolences to any Leafs fans who read my blog.


Whenever these two teams meet, they call it the Battle of Ontario. But you know, it drives me nuts that when the Leafs play Ottawa, there seems to be as many Leafs fans in the arena, as Sens fans. And it really bothers me that they boo my team. Cheering loudly for your own team: Good. Booing the other team: Bad. Well, tonight I suspect the Leaf fans in Ottawa went home kind of quietly. 5-1, baby. 5-1. Third win against the Leafs in as many games this year.

Almost makes up for not scrapping tonight. :o)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

More Retail Therapy

I haven't found any time to scrap yet this weekend - high hopes for today though. I may not be wandering too far from home today, I feel a doozie of a cold coming on.

Yesterday, however, I found a few minutes (ok, over an hour) to drop by the closing sale at my local scrapbook store, which started as a 50% off sale and prompted a retail therapy shopping trip, and is now a 75% off sale, which is impossible to resist. And while it was sad to see the shelves and display units so bare, I'm glad the owner is managing to sell off her stock, and I'm glad I had time to go in and take advantage of the sale. I paid $27 for $110 worth of supplies, and in my book, that is the ultimate retail therapy session!

So here's what I bought. A hodge-podge of embellishments including ... rub-ons, metal, flowers, bling, chipboard, felt:

Several sheets of paper by Rouge de Garange (indigo line):

Several sheets of Basic Grey paper including some Scarlet's Letter and Recess:

Several sheets of Cherry Arte paper (Golden Haze and East of India lines):

Some Pebbles Inc (My Guy), Bo Bunny (Primrose), and Making Memories (Deck the Halls):

And finally, many sheets of the Polo Shirt line by Luxe:

Actually, it's really wild that all this stuff would have cost $110 full price. It's a good haul, but really, $110 for some paper and buttons?? Every once in a while (ok, maybe once a year) I feel some twinges of guilt about the money I spend on scrapbooking stuff (or scrap crap, as dh calls it!). But it never lasts long. Lol.

Nevertheless, it's always good to find a deal. With that in mind, I next proceeded to Winners, with full intentions of buying a new purse to go with my new favorite shoes. Unfortunately, there were no purple/burgundy purses to be found. Then I looked at shoes (a passion closely tied with scrap crap), but there was nothing decent in my size. I tried to look at clothes, but honestly, I just can't clothes shop at Winners. It's like trying to find some clothes for yourself in someone else's closet. I have no patience for it. So before leaving the store, I thought I'd check out their photo album aisle and lo and behold, I found a good deal on 8.5x8.5 K&Co album which came with some paper and embellies ($12.99):

I have a Christmas gift project in mind for this album ... which means I am going to have to do some serious scrapping in the next few weeks if I want to have it done by Christmas!

Wishing you all an easy, lazy Sunday (that's what I'm hoping to have!)!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Guess where we were last night??

Dh won two tickets to the game ... on the first level, 8 rows up from the ice, with valet parking!!! Obviously, the man knows what side his bread is buttered on ... as he handed the tickets over to ds and I without a second thought. (I know - he hates hockey. But he could have taken a client, so I'm grateful he thought of me first!).

Ds and I had a GREAT time. It was 5-0 for the Sens until the last half of the last period - and then the Thrashers rallied with 4 goals which really freaked me out, but Alfie sealed it with a short-handed empty-net goal with under a minute to go. Whew.

I can't wait to scrap these pictures. Hope I find some scrappy time this weekend!

Happy Friday, everyone!