Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Life in Numbers

7 - The number of awards the girl received at her high school graduation ceremony Thursday night. We are VERY proud parents!

  • Ontario Scholar Certificate (for averaging 80% or higher in her top 6 Grade 12 courses)
  • Ottawa-Carleton District School Board Silver Medal (for final Grade 12 average of 90% or better)
  • Subject Award - Core French (highest mark in Grade 12 - she already knows her mark in this subject, it's 98%)
  • Subject Award - Writer's Craft (highest mark in Grade 12)
  • Subject Award - World Issues (highest mark in Grade 12)
  • A Modern Languages Scholarship (highest combined average mark for English and French in Grade 12 - low dollar value, but the recognition is awesome!)
  • A Writing Scholarship (recognizing the Grade 12 student with the best writing skills - again, low dollar value - but great recognition!)

10 and 5 - The number of A's (10) and B+'s (5) on the boy's final Grade 7 report card. Like I said ... VERY proud parents!

13 - The number of birthdays the boy has had! Yes, our boy turned into a teenager last weekend. This teenager model comes complete with a cellphone and a monthly plan. Lol.

4 - The number of nights, out of the last 5, where I went to bed past midnight (including Thursday night, where I went to bed at 1:30 a.m). After the girl's graduation celebrations wrapping up around 11 or so, I helped her sort out all of her university course registration stuff so she could be ready for her on-line registration "time ticket" Friday morning.

30 - The approximate number of minutes it took the girl to register in all her preferred courses . Totally worth investing the time with her til the wee hours Thursday night. I've heard horror stories about students struggling with online registration, but it was a breeze for her, due to preparation.

0 - The number of minutes I've spent scrapbooking in the last two weeks. Wah!

33.5 - The number of pounds I've lost since January 2009. I'm at better than goal weight, and still adjusting my daily intake in order to stabilize. I've got a whole new wardrobe (went from size 14 to size 7/8) and the husband says I look hot, lol. Yay, me!

21 - The number of sleeps left until I am on summer vacation.

14 - The number of working days left until I am on summer vacation.

20 - The number of items currently on my work to-do list. And that's just the urgent stuff - haven't listed everything. No wonder I'm counting sleeps and working days til summer vacation.

1 - The number of new bosses I expect to get in the extremely near future. Current boss is moving on to an ADM position. I've decided not to take the additional responsibility of his job at this time so the hunt is on for a new DG.

2 - The number of proms the girl is attending. One was last Sunday, the other is coming up Monday night.

3- the number of pictures I have to share with you:

Sorry I've been such a bad blogger, but life has been really busy. It's all good though. I hope to post again later this weekend with scans of the two layouts I did weeks ago and haven't shared yet. Happy weekend, everyone!