Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Ok, I'm not even going to TRY to catch up. It's been too long, I know! It's all good though. It's been a busy few weeks - work, getting ready for Christmas, family stuff, etc. I've been off for a week+; going back to work tomorrow morning. Too bad, as I seem to have finally found my "time off" groove - had a great day today.

A couple of weeks a go I got a semi-permanent loaner laptop from work & set-up for remote connection. Haven't remote-connected to work yet (after all, I'm OFF!) but this afternoon the husband toyed around with the laptop and added all the stuff I need to use it for non-work purposes (lol....). Scanner & good stitching software are now operational, so ta-da, here's a scrapbook page:

I made it ages ago ... sometime in the fall I guess. Haven't scrapped anything the whole time I was off, but I did do some organizing in the scraproom and got 120+ pictures printed too. Once again ... too bad I'm going back to work tomorrow! I think I've finally got the scrapping mojo back!!!
I'm going to try to get back into the habit of updating the blog ... I've challenged myself to doing the photo-a-day thing (with weekly layouts); we'll see how that goes. There's another hobby competing for my time now ... crocheting scarves ... it started as a Christmas gift idea for my sisters and a couple of my friends and now I can't seem to stop. I've made some for myself and about 6 more and I'm still at it ... very relaxing!

See you (here) soon,