Thursday, November 11, 2010

Newly-discovered vegetable-carving skills...

Hi there! I know it's been days since Halloween (and given the Christmas decorations popping up in malls and stores, it'd be more appropriate for me to share Christmas pictures!), but I just have to show you the jack-o-lantern that the boy carved ALL BY HIMSELF this year. The boy has skills (and not just of the "my generation uses the internet for everything" kind, lol)*.

You can really tell that the demographics of our neighbourhood are changing ... some years, we had 200+ trick or treaters at our door; this year, the doorbell rang maybe 15 times, for a total of about 40 kids.

Since I still haven't taken the time to teach myself stitching in Adobe Photoshop Elements, all I can share with you right now is a one-pager I made the other night ... I was having a really hard time getting creative, so I ended up using a sketch from Scrapbooks Etc. magazine and a page kit pack from Colorbok to put this one together. Then I ran out of steam, so I got the creative juices running for nothing, really, since I just went right to bed.

Today is Rememberance Day ... and while it's not a stat holiday in Ontario, I get the day off. I'm hoping to catch up on some housework, do some scrapbooking, sew on the boy's name bar to his hockey jerseys (running late on that chore!), run out and do a bit of Christmas shopping, and make something for dinner that takes more than 30 minutes to cook ... oh, and teach myself how to stitch using Adobe Photoshop Elements. Not sure I'll get it all done, but I'll give it my best shot!

*refers to the boy's comments on my previous post :o)