Sunday, September 20, 2009

His & Hers



And the beauty of it is, he'll share his with me, and I'll share mine with him ... :o)

Seriously, we needed somewhere to keep the boat, right? So ... yesterday afternoon we bought a 33' trailer located on a really sweet site at the same campground we kept our tent trailer at in 2003. The trailer is about 20 years old, but very well maintained. The site is large, nicely treed, there is a huge deck, and it came with everything including patio furniture, a covered swing-for-two, bbq, mower, tv, and all the kitchen stuff. It's also got a wooden platform for a a tent, so the boy will be able to have friends up for weekends. The picture really doesn't do it justice; I snapped it quickly to show the boy when we got back home. I should have taken some pictures of the site itself. We reserved a slip for the boat and got a very good spot there as well. The campground is really nice, on the Big Rideau, and we're very comfortable there, have been going on and off for years. We take possession this week but the campground closes October 15 ... we really hope we manage to do an overnighter there before we have to close it up for the season. Life may be a bit too busy for that. Sigh. Well, at least we are going to have stuff to look forward to, maybe it'll help us get through the long winter ahead!

So I guess we are going to have to dust off our trailer sign, our gnomes and our patio lanterns ... lol ... here's an old layout from 2003, showing how we embraced the tacky trailer park life. Hey, when in Rome, right?? :o)

Sorry about the blurry sign - have to practice safe internet, you know? Happy Sunday everyone!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Yes, it's that time of year again ...

...where a girl's thoughts turn to hockey!!

On the minor hockey side of things - the boy has gone through conditioning camp and is now halfway through the sortouts (aka tryouts), which to his delight consist solely of scrimmages rather than drills. He got two goals and an assist in the first game, and one goal (on a penalty shot - nice deke!) in the second game, so he's feeling pretty good about how he's doing. On the downside, the next two sortouts are tonight at 8 pm and tomorrow night at 6 pm, which does pretty much screw up the weekend.

On the NHL hockey side of things - I was relieved that my Sens managed to trade Heatley before the season started. Even though he's the only Senator whose autograph I have! Don't get me wrong, I would much rather have him play for the Sens, but since he asked to be traded and all the media hype etc. - the last thing I wanted was to go to a game and hear the fans boo him. Sad, but true. Sens fans are a fickle lot. I am really looking forward to the start of the season. The first regular season game is the first weekend in October, but it's an away game. I bought tickets to the home opener on October 8, so the boy and I will be there! Yay!

Well thank goodness it's the weekend again, though I can't believe how fast time is going by these days. I got nothing done around the house last weekend, and I'm not so sure I'll get anything done this weekend, either. Today the husband and I are going off to the lake to look at a trailer ... yes, we may become trailer people again ... unless we buy a cottage ... or a waterfront lot on which to build a cottage ... or do nothing. We've been back and forth on this for a few weeks now, just can't decide what to do. Well, what can you expect; once we made a decision to buy a boat, we had to find something to talk about while we sip our wine, no?

Ciao everyone, have a great weekend!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Proud Mama

So you probably think this post is about something awesome one of my kids did. As awesome as my (human) kids are, this post is actually about my awesome canine kid, Lexi.

I never really understood this whole dog thing until Lexi came into our lives. Couldn't really comprehend how people could think of pets as their kids. But you know, those darned puppies can grow on you in a major way, and one morning you wake up and boom, you feel more like a parent than a dog owner.

And while my kids have given me plenty - and I mean PLENTY - of 'proud parent' moments over the last 18 years, this post is about a proud puppy parent moment that happened just this past weekend. You see, our little labrador (you know, the one with webbed paws?), who had been resisting the water in a major way so far - well, she learned how to SWIM. She's been playing in shallow water for some time now, but absolutely refusing to venture out past her tummy. I think it's probably because she walked onto the water off the dock earlier this summer (thinking it was solid ground?) and got the shock of her life.

Last weekend, we rented a small cottage (if it doesn't have a bathroom, can I call it a cottage? or should I call it a cabin?) at a campground on Sand Lake. The cabin was right in front of the beach, and a 7 year old chocolate lab named Reese was staying at a neighboring cabin. Reese loved to play in the water, swimming out to fetch a frisbee or a stick. Lexi spent a good bit of time watching and a good bit of time walking in the very shallow water trying to play too. Eventually she got brave and went pretty deep, and I think a couple of times she had all four paws off the bottom. But that's as far as things got at this particular location.

On the Monday, we were hanging out with friends at a dock and boat launch near their house (also on Sand Lake), and someone threw in a stick for Lexi, which went a little bit further than intended. Into the water she went, and when the water got deep, she just ... kept going. Doin' the doggie paddle. Oh em gee, she was swimming. She was so excited at her newfound freedom, she ignored the stick and kept going. Towards the middle of the lake. Lol. While dh was tearing his shirt off and getting ready to jump in after her, our friend threw in a shoe and got her to fetch it and bring it back. From that moment on, my puppy girl swam like a pro.

Now it might have been lake water from all the splashing around, but I'm pretty sure I felt a tear of joy or two on my cheeks. Awwww, my little baby is growing up into such a big dog! It's not that long ago that she was just a little puppy, graduating from puppy school:

Not to be outdone, of course, my human kids also make me proud. The boy has had a great start to the school year, approaching grade 8 with enthusiasm. He's had a test already (for which he studied at the cabin during the long weekend - now that's dedication!) - he scored 106%. It would appear we have another overachiever in the family, lol!

And the girl is now officially a university student. She's putting her $282 bus pass to good use, using transit like a pro, and she's got such a sparkle in her eyes, thrilled with her program and her classes. Tomorrow, my baby girl will turn 18. Not such a baby anymore, eh.

So I'll leave you with another proud puppy parent moment, our little Lexi finally getting her sea legs and getting comfortable on the boat. We've gone from having to pick her up (70 pounds, aye) and carrying her in, to her just jumping in on her own. And she seems to like riding up at the front, with the wind in her hair ...

Ciao, have a great weekend!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Have you met Ella?

If you haven't already, you MUST visit this totally cool new scrapbooking site ... it's the brainchild of some Simple Scrapbooks alumni ... and (the very totally cool part), scrappinbarb is a part of it all! Seriously, check it out.

And come back here in the next few days; when I have time, I'll tell you all about the great weekend we had on Sand Lake and I'll share some pictures of our lab puppy FINALLY LEARNING HOW TO SWIM! Ciao!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Room With A View

What do you do when the pictures you want to scrap are less than stellar? Well, you just scrap them anyway. It's all about the memories (unless it's all about getting published - but thankfully, I've never been caught up in that). So, these are pictures of the girl and I on our Montreal trip last summer. (Speaking of caught up - looks like I will never be caught up to date on pictures!) So we stayed at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel, and had a gorgeous view of a cathedral out of our hotel room window.

Didn't have to worry too much about a view last weekend though! The husband and I had a short but sweet weekend away in Kingston, and I must confess to only peeking beyond the curtains once during our whole stay there ... hey, we had other things to focus on, like celebrating 21 years of marriage, lol!!!

We have plans again this weekend, this time involving the boat, the boy, the dog, a cottage, a lake, and friends. I am so far behind on housework, it isn't even funny; but who wants to spend a long weekend cleaning house?

Hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. Make memories now, scrap 'em later!!! Ciao!!!