Saturday, December 31, 2011

Where Do I Start???

Whoa! April 30th? It's been that long, really??

I guess there are two main reasons why I've let this blog slip. One, life got busy and really, life should really take precedence over the internet (I know, I know, them's fighting words lol). Two, this blog is all about showcasing creative stuff (scrapbooking really, but any creative stuff will do I think) and I really haven't had any creative stuff to showcase. So I'll unpack these two reasons a little bit for you.

1. Life Got Busy (But not in a bad way)

The campground opened up on May 15th, and from the very first mud-filled weekend (long story - big rains, all the inner roads closed, no septic access, had to carry in all our open-up-the-trailer stuff from the main road) to the very last chilly morning in October, the husband and I spent Every Single Weekend there (and the boy missed only 2 weekends I think). We didn't miss one Friday night. We had a great summer. Lots of adventures. But barely any pictures.

Then fall came, and we closed 'er up, and then life got busy in other ways. The boy's hockey season started. I finally let the universe get its way and took a promotion at work which means I am now head honcho, where the buck stops, yadda yadda yadda, and so some evenings instead of vegetating in front of the tv or spending time being crafty I spend time trying to bring my in-box (both physical and email) under control.

2. No Creative Stuff to Showcase

Basically, see 1. above lol. Actually being busy is only part of the story; I just haven't felt all that creative lately (ie in the last year) especially when it comes to scrapbooking. Although in the last few weeks I did pick up crochet again. I made my sister M an iPad cover and I made some coffee cup sleeves for my management team. No pictures to share. And since I've been off between Christmas and New Year's (with one icky exception on a stat holiday no less, but that's par for the course when you're head honcho according to the husband...suck it up, buttercup), I've been a crocheting fiend, with accomplishments including an iPad cover for sister D (if you,re sister D, pretend you didn't see that ok?), at least 8 pairs of baby booties and two bibs for sister D's new grand-daughter (sister D, don't tell Juliette ok?), and am working on more baby stuff.

So today is New Year's Eve, and as I start thinking about 2012 and all of the things I want to accomplish (I refuse to call them "resolutions", resolutions are doomed before they even begin in my opinion), getting back to my crafty self is definitely one of them. Oh and my crafty self is about 15 pounds lighter so there's another un-resolution for you. And, my crafty self keeps this blog up to date, so there's un-resolution number 3. And finally, crafty self definitely takes more pictures. So there's un-res number 4. Wish my crafty self good luck!

If you haven't given up on my blog and still visit once in a while in the hopes of an update, thank you. And come back soon, as I am fully aware that a blog post is nothing without pictures, and I promise to load up some pictures of my crochet bounty before I pack it all up and mail it off to sister D.


Neisey said...

Hoping all your non-resolutions work out for you! Hoping to incorporate a few of those in my life too!

Barb said...

Hey, I haven't been here in AGES... and my blog went neglected for weeks on end for a while too. For me, it was the dog. I used to get up and blog in the mornings before the kids got up, but now, I get up and walk the dog. She's getting bigger and a lot more obedient... I'm LOVING it. But still, hardly any time to scrap or blog. I challenged myself to blog every day for the month of February. Wow, there's some pretty BORING stuff on my blog now, but hey, it's getting me back into the habit of taking pictures and reflecting on life. :)

Congrats on the promotion! Don't let too many bucks stop there, hey?! ;)