Saturday, April 30, 2011

Junk in My Trunk

I am really looking forward to summer, but there's so much to do between now and then to make sure the summer will be enjoyable. As we'll be spending lots of time up at the trailer, we need to do our gardening and landscaping work at the house early on so that we can have an almost maintenance-free yard. Then there's re-organizing closets etc., putting away the winter coats and boots (yay). Some spring cleaning. A whole wack of work at the trailer, including unwrapping it from its winter cocoon and sprucing up the lot (hopefully, we'll be doing that tomorrow), cleaning it, and stocking it up for the summer. Oh, and I need to lose about 5 pounds so that I can fully enjoy my wine-chips-novel combo - I've been dreaming of doing that on a lazy afternoon at the trailer, ever since we closed it up last October.

And, I'm going to have to clean my car trunk out. I don't know how the stuff accumulates, but it does. A couple of months ago, when I opened up the trunk after a shopping expedition, I thought about how the junk inside defines me ... you can learn a lot about me by what's in there! Dog toys and bowl (dog lover!). Cushion, blanket and noisemakers to ensure I am comfy and loud at the boy's hockey games (hockey lover!). Shopping bags (Winners and Michaels lover!). Shopping bags with stuff I need to return, and beach umbrellas that should have been put away last fall (procrastinator!). My father's umbrella (sentimental!). So I took a picture. Kind of silly, but now the memory is captured for posterity ... gotta love scrapbooking!!! Lol.

This weekend was supposed to be rainy and dreary, but our luck turned around and it looks as though we are going to get reacquainted with sunshine. Busy day today running errands, visiting my mother in law, and going to the boy's hockey party ... trying to cram the weekend into one day so we can free up and go work on the trailer tomorrow. It's been almost seven months ... I am so ready for trailer season to begin!

Happy weekend, y'all. :o)

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